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Mission u
July 17-20, 2015
At Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington

All School Study:
Latin America
Many of us have either visited or were born in Latin America, but all of us are given a chance to learn about this region. This study is an invitation to enter this land, called Latin America, knowing it is a sacred land. We come in with respect to face the dignity of a people and with the love of God for them.

Elective Choices:
Spiritual Growth:
Created For Happiness: Understanding Your Life With God
This study will examine the understanding of happiness and how to live the life that God calls us to. 

Social Issue:
The Church and People with Disabilities
The text increases awareness of issues around disability awareness by discussing attitudinal and architectural barriers encountered by individuals with disabilities. The book covers ways to enhance full participation of persons with vision and hearing loss as well as people with mobility loss. The book intends to lead readers to engage in advocacy to help the church become more welcoming and accessible to those with disabilities. 

More details to come, keep checking back!