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Mission u
July 11-14, 2014
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At Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington


Spiritual Growth:
How Is It With Your Soul?
Framed within four verbs, "pray," "learn," "mentor," and "transform," the study gives an overview of the setting for this question -- "How Is It With Your Soul?" -- in Methodist class and band meetings, and moves in a trajectory for the individual to the church to the world. Within this framework, the study seeks to discuss biblical text, Wesley and the early Methodists, faithful women past and present, and spiritual practices.

The Roma of Europe
This study will introduce us to the Roma, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. The first chapter will explore their history up to and including the twentieth century. Succeeding chapters will delve into the ways they are treated in contemporary European culture, introduce their lifestyle and spirituality, and investigate ways the church and other organizations are working alongside them. It will be an eye-opening journey that will, hopefully, offer a greater understanding of the Roma and opportunities for response and advocacy.

Social Issue:
The Church and People with Disabilities
The text increases awareness of issues around disability awareness by discussing attitudinal and architectural barriers encountered by individuals with disabilities. The book covers ways to enhance full participation of persons with vision and hearing loss as well as people with mobility loss. The book intends to lead readers to engage in advocacy to help the church become more welcoming and accessible to those with disabilities. 

Disabilities and Our Response
The underpinnings of this curriculum acknowledge all as children of God, each created in God’s image, but unique. Each person brings different abilities and disabilities to the community. In God’s kingdom, everyone has a place, including persons with disabilities. We are all called to “fit together” much like pieces of a puzzle. When we come together as God’s children, we begin to see the bigger picture. When we join with one another, just like the completion of a puzzle, the result is a new perspective and a better understanding of what it means to be the body of Christ and live into the kingdom of God.